Medicine for Depression

13 March 2017

If you are on the lookout of finding a healthy and natural method to handle depression, some alternative medicines...

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Anxiety Symptoms

10 March 2017

Getting worried is not something abnormal; in fact, everyone gets worried at times. However, if you have anxiety...

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Causes of Depression

8 March 2017

Depression is certainly one of the most frequently occurring illnesses across the world. There have been a number...

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Depression Symptoms

7 March 2017

Well, what is depression? Each one has his/her own definition of depression or feeling depressed. In general...

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How to Control Anger

6 March 2017

Anger is a spontaneous emotion found in all human beings. It is essential to handle it positively...

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How to Control Stress

3 March 2017

Stress is with every person controlling what one does and how one feels. It is perhaps a subject of judgment...

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How to Handle Stress

1 March 2017

Stress can affect the way you feel, behave and think. Some of the major signs of stress include loss of appetite...

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How to Manage Stress

28 Feb 2017

Stress, tension, worries, distress and so on are some unavoidable states of mind. There is no human that is free...

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