Get Rid of Thyroid Through Natural Herbal Solution!

Nervous tremors, laziness, mental fogginess, muscle cramps, palpitation and fatigues along with having poor attention and changes in menstrual cycles are all the symptoms of having your Thyroid Stimulating hormone in bad shape. TSH produced in Pituitary Gland effects the production of T3, T4 produced by butterfly like Thyroid Gland present in the neck. The TSH level swings because of the alteration in TRH.

According to Aurveda the deformality caused in Kafa and Pitta becomes the reason for hypothyroidism and Vata and Pitta abnormality gives rise to hyperthyroidism.

For addressing problems we can see symptomatic treatments by checking the levels of TSH through conventional modern pills but for having a cure, Aurvedic treatments have been found to be efficacious where the esteemed institutions like Ath Ayurdhamah has pioneered. The herbal medicines in Aurveda prove effective by curing the Cough and Pitta abnormalities and thus creating right proportion for the hormones needed.

Exclusive Package for Thyroid



1 Kanchnar 2 cap (After breakfast and 7pm)
2 Shothosam Capsule 2 cap (After breakfast and 7pm)
3 Nirogyam 2 tab (After Lunch and Dinner)
4 Athagni 2 tab (After Lunch and Dinner)